Yoshino Denka Kogyo Vietnam Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing JIG jigs for plating products, JIG measuring for checking the size and quality of products in mechanical assembly lines, motorbikes, electronics with high accuracy, optimized according to customer requirements. We focus on product quality and after-sales service to gradually apply advanced technology and equipment to production to improve product quality to meet customer needs. With that business philosophy, we bring to our customers not only a good product but also your satisfaction. We hope to continue receiving the cooperation and support from our customers.

Join us to learn about jig fabrication service for plating products:

A jig is a type of technology used to determine the position of a workpiece against a cutting tool and to hold the workpiece in place under the influence of the cutting force during machining.

The task of jigs

- Determine the position of the workpiece compared to the machine and cutting tool (positioning)

- Fixed position position of positioning, do not allow force to move or vibrate (grip)

- Locate and guide cutting tools

- Create some more movement to process complex surfaces

General structure of jigs

- Positioning department

- Clamping device

- The transmission mechanism

- Guiding devices, compared knives

- Rotating and grading mechanisms

- Body and base jigs

- Positioning mechanism and fastening jigs to the machine

The effect of jigs

- Improve productivity and accuracy

- Expand the technological capabilities of the equipment

- Helps to process difficult tasks

- Reduce stress and improve the working conditions of workers

- No need to use advanced technicians