Yoshino Denka Kogyo Vietnam Co., Ltd. specializes in providing plating services for the surface covering of mechanical products and decorative products. Our strategic products are plating auto parts and accessories which are highly appreciated for quality.

With the motto "Quality - Technology - Progress", with a team of engineers and workers with many years of experience, professionalism in all activities, Yoshino Denka Kogyo Vietnam Co., Ltd. is ready to provide customers. The best quality products, the most competitive prices to maximize the benefit of our customers.

Product image of hard chrome plating:

Hard chrome plating:

Material: Stainless steel.

Processing address: In Vietnam and Japan

Product image of decorative chrome plating:

Chrome plated

Plating material: Plasic

Only process in: Japan

Galvanized product image


Material: Stainless steel.

Address: Outsourcing in Japan.